Sankirtan Books

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We have the following books suitable for sankirtan. Please note that the prices are without VAT (value added tax), which is to be added on top and depends on the destination. These prices are valid for quantity orders only, which is 100 for softbound books or 50 for hardbound books.

English, French, Dutch, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Italian Sankirtan Books

 Code Name of Item Price (excl.VAT)
A-BBD Beyond Birth & Death0.60
A-BHA Bhakti-The Art of Eternal Love0.53
A-BG/S Bhagavad Gita Softboundout of stock
A-CBH Chant and Be Happy 0.78
A-CT Civilisation and Transcendence 0.50
A-EJ Easy journey to other planets 0.63
A-EKC Elevation to KC 0.49
A-IE In Essence 1.42
A-INTBG Introduction to BG 0.50
A-ISO/S Isopanisad soft 0.85
A-KRP Krsna , Reservoir of all pleasure 0.26
A-LCL Life comes from Life 0.80
A-LON Laws of Nature 0.85
A-MG Matchless gift 0.52
A-MOG Message of Godhead 0.48
A-NOI/S Nectar of Instruction 0.75
A-OWK On the way to Krishna 0.48
A-POY Perfection of Yoga 0.50
A-PQPA/S Perfect questions perfect Answers 0.65
A-POP/S Path of Perfection 0.90
A-RVKK Raja Vidya – King of Knowledge 0.54
A-RTW Renunciation through Wisdom 1.95
A-SY Spiritual Yoga 0.48
A-TYS KC – The Topmost Yoga system 0.52
V-HT Higher Taste 0.92
PH-CB/SComing back 1.15
PH-HGI Hidden Glory of India 4.50
PH-OCOn Chantingout of stock
A-BG/HM Bhagavad Gita Hardbound Mini Pocket  2.95
A-BG/H Bhagavad Gita Hardbound 5.65
A-BG/72 Bhagavad Gita MacMillan 6.50
A-BID Beyond Illusion and Doubt 5.00
A-DH/H Dharma 3.00
A-ISO/H Isopanisad Hard Out of stock
A-KB1V Krishna Book in 1 volume 6.75
A-NOD/HI Nectar of Devotion 4.50
A-POP/H Path of perfection limited stock
A-PQPA/H Perfect questions perfect AnswersOut of stock
A-QE Quest for Enlightment 3.00
A-SB1/1 Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1 3.00
A-VEDA Veda – Secrets of the East 3.20
 F-PRA Prabhupada 2.95
A-BG/W Bhagavad Gita – White4.50
A-JSD/W The Journey of Self Discovery – White2.15
A-NOD/W The Nectar of Devotion – White out of stock
A-SSR/W Science of Selfrealisation – White 3.00
A-TLC/W Teachings of Lord Caitanya – White out of stock
A-TLK/W Teachings of Lord Kapila – White 3.00
A-TQK/W Teachings of Queen Kunti – White 2.25
A-SPS Srila Prabhupada White Set 18.95
FRA-BGLe Bhagavad-gita tell qu’elle estout of stock
FRA-BG/SLe Bhagavad-gita tell qu’elle est Soft2.45
FRA-HGIGloire et Mystère de l’Inde3.55
FRA-HTLe Gout Superieur0.95
FRA-INBGIntroduction a la Bhagavad-gita0.65
FRA-ISOSri Isopanisad1.02
FRA-LCLLa Vie Vient De La Vie (soft)1.07
FRA-LDK1Le Livre de Krishna complete5.79
FRA-POYLa Perfection Du Yogalimited stock
FRA-PBPrabhupada (brochure)0.20
FRA-SCScience & Conscience0.65
FRA-SB1.2Le Srimad Bhagavatam 1.2limited stock
FRA-TLCTeachings of Lord Caitanya (French)4.12
FRA-VCVeggie Chef9.00
NED-BGZZ Bhagavad Gita Zoals Ze Is (Hardbound) 9.29
NED-BG/S Bhagavad Gita Zoals Ze Is (Softbound) 5.95
NED-INBG Bhagavad Gita – Een Korte Inleiding out of stock
NED-KB1 Het Krsna Boek 1 3.16
NED-KB2 Het Krsna Boek 2 3.16
NED-LK Leven met Krishna (Tarunyamrta dd) 3.00
NED-POP Het Pad Naar Perfectie 1.45
NED-PM Prahlad Maharaj’s Transcendentale 0.47
NED-RV Raja Vidya 0.95
NED-SSR De Wetenschap der Zelfrealisatie 2.95
NED-TE Tijdeloze Eenvoud 1.00
NED-VK Vedische Kookkunst 8.55
ARA-BG Bhagavad-Gita As It Is 2.95
ARA-BBD Beyond Birth and Death 0.65
ARA-POY Perfection of Yoga 0.65
ARA-PQPA Perfect Question, Perfect Answers 0.65
ITA-BG/S La Bhagavad-Gita (Soft) 4.55
ITA-CB Karma & Reincarnazione 2.45
ITA-HKBV La Cucina degli Hare Krishna 3.15
ITA-POP Il Sentiero della Perfezione out of stock
ITA-PQPA Incontro con Il Maestro Spirituale out of stock
ITA-TLK Lo Yoga del Saggio Kapila 2.45
ITA-TQK Gli Insegnamenti della Regina Kunti out of stock
ITA-VEDA Segreti Dei Veda2.45
CHIN-BBD Beyond Birth and Death 0.58
CHIN-POY Perfection of Yoga 0.58
CHIN-PQP Perfect Question, Perfect Answers 0.58
SPA-BG/S Bhagavad-gita tal como es (Small) 3.50
SPA-BBD Mas Alla del Nacimiento y del la Muerte 0.65
SPA-CB Volver a Nacer 0.90
SPA-CS El cazador y el sabio 0.59
 SPA-EJ/S Viaje Facil a Otros Planetas 0.65
SPA-LCL La Vida Proviene de la Vida 0.95
SPA-OWK En el Camino a Krsna 0.59
SPA-PM Problemas Materiales 0.65
SPA-RV Raja Vidya 0.90
SPA-TYS Meditation y Superconciencia 0.65
SPA-VF Vegetarian Fantasia 0.95
SPA-POY La perfeccion del yoga 0.69 out of stock
SPA-8FY LAs 8 fases del Yoga 0.69
SPA-CBH George Harrison y el Mantra 0.65
SPA-LOB La Luz del Bhagavata 1.45
SPA-KST Karma, Samsara y el Tiempo 0.95
SPA-SI El Sendero de la Iluminación 0.69
SPA-PRA Prabhupada pocket 1.59
SPA-SI3 Sabiduria de la India (3 libros) 4.65
SPA-HMI Historia maravillosas de la India 1.15
SPA-KCC Karma, Cerrando Ciclos 1.25
SPA-S24 Sankhya, la Metafísica de los 24 Elements 1.25
SPA-PQPA Preguntas Perfectas, Respuestas Perfectas 1.25
JAP-BBD Beyond Birth and Death 0.58
JAP-POY Perfection of Yoga 0.58
JAP-PQPA Perfect Question, Perfect Answers 0.58
KOR-BBD Beyond Birth and Death 0.58
KOR-POY Perfection of Yoga 0.58
KOR-PQPA Perfect Question, Perfect Answers 0.58
RUS-BBD Beyond Birth & Death 0.54
RUS-BG/H Bhagavad-gita As iT Is Hardbound Large 4.65
RUS-BG/S Bhagavad-gita As iT Is Hardbound Small 2.99
RUS-EJ Easy Journey to Other planets 0.69
RUS-HGI Hidden Glory of India 3.99
RUS-HT Higher Taste 1.25
RUS-ISO Sri Isopanishad 1.38
RUS-KB Krishna Book 6.00
RUS-MG Matchless Gifts 0.65
RUS-MOG Message of Godhead 0.55
RUS-NOD Nectar of Devotion 3.25
RUS-NOI Nectar of Instructions 0.65
RUS-OWK On the Way to Krsna 0.55
RUS-PQPA Perfect Questions Perfect Answers 0.95
RUS-RV Raja Vidya 0.59
RUS-SSR Science of Selrealisation 2.50
RUS-TYS Topmost Yoga System 0.68
RUS-VEDA Veda: Secrets from the East 2.65