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We have the following books suitable for sankirtan. Please note that the prices are without VAT (value added tax), which is 6% on books and 21% on all other items. These prices are valid for quantity orders only, which is 100 for softbound books, 50 for hardbound books and 25 for CDs/CD-ROMs

English, French and Dutch Books


SPA-RV/S Raja Vidya 0.90

 Code  Name of Item  Price (excl.VAT)
A-BBD  Beyond Birth & Death  0.55
A-BHA  Bhakti-The Art of Eternal Love 0.53
A-BG/S  Bhagavad Gita Softbound 2.85
A-CBH  Chant and Be Happy  0.75
A-CT  Civilisation and Transcendence  0.50
A-EJ  Easy journey to other planets  0.61
A-EKC  Elevation to KC  0.49
A-INTBG  Introduction to BG  0.50
A-ISO/S  Isopanisad soft  0.85
A-KRP  Krsna , Reservoir of all pleasure  0.25 limited stock
A-LCL  Life comes from Life  0.80
A-LON  Laws of Nature  0.85
A-MG  Matchless gift  0.52
A-MOG  Message of Godhead  0.48
A-NOI/S  Nectar of Instruction  0.75
A-OWK  On the way to Krishna  0.48
A-POY  Perfection of Yoga  0.50
A-PQPA/S  Perfect questions perfect Answers  0.65
A-POP/S  Path of Perfection  0.90
A-RVKK  Raja Vidya – King of Knowledge  0.54
A-RTW  Renunciation through Wisdom  1.95
A-SY  Spiritual Yoga  0.48
A-TYS  KC – The Topmost Yoga system  0.52
V-HT  Higher Taste  0.89
PH-CB/S Coming back  1.15
PH-HGI  Hidden Glory of India  4.50
PH-OC On Chanting out of stock
A-BG/HM  Bhagavad Gita Hardbound Mini Pocket Edition  2.85 limited stock
A-BG/H  Bhagavad Gita Hardbound  5.65
A-BG/72  Bhagavad Gita MacMillan  6.50
A-BID  Beyond Illusion and Doubt  3.00
A-DH/H  Dharma  3.00
A-ISO/H  Isopanisad Hard  1.73
A-KB1V  Krishna Book in 1 volume  6.75
A-NOD/HI  Nectar of Devotion  4.50
A-POP/H  Path of perfection  1.73
A-PQPA/H  Perfect questions perfect Answers  1.73
A-QE  Quest for Enlightment  3.00
A-SB1/1  Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1  3.00
A-VEDA  Veda – Secrets of the East  3.20
 F-PRA  Prabhupada  2.95
A-BG/W  Bhagavad Gita – White 4.50
A-JSD/W  The Journey of Self Discovery – White 1.80
A-NOD/W  The Nectar of Devotion – White  3.50
A-SSR/W  Science of Selfrealisation – White  3.00
A-TLC/W  Teachings of Lord Caitanya – White  3.00
A-TLK/W  Teachings of Lord Kapila – White  3.00
A-TQK/W  Teachings of Queen Kunti – White  1.80
A-SPS  Srila Prabhupada White Set  18.95
CD-GOF  Goddes s of Fortune  5.00
E-LVC  Library of Vedic Culture  5.50
FRA-BG  Le Bhagavad-gita tell qu’elle est  6.60
FRA-BBD  Par-dela  0.60
FRA-HGI  Gloire et Mystere de l’Inde  3.55
FRA-ISO  Sri Isopanisad  1.02
FRA-LCL  La Vie Vient De La Vie (soft)  1.07
FRA-LDK1  Le Livre de Krishna 1 & 2  5.79
FRA-POY  La Perfection Du Yoga  0.69
FRA-SB1.1  Le Srimad Bhagavatam 1.1  2.20 limited stock
FRA-SB1.2  Le Srimad Bhagavatam 1.2  2.20 limited stock
FRA-TLC  Teachings of Lord Caitanya (French)  4.12
NED-BGZZI  Bhagavad Gita Zoals Ze Is (Hardbound)  9.29
NED-BG/S  Bhagavad Gita Zoals Ze Is (Softbound)  4.99
NED-INTBG  Bhagavad Gita – Een Korte Inleiding  0.60
NED-KBD1  Het Krsna Boek 1  3.16
NED-KBD2  Het Krsna Boek 2  3.16
NED-LK  Leven met Krishna (Tarunyamrta dd)  3.00
NED-POP  Het Pad Naar Perfectie  1.45
NED-PM  Prahlad Maharaj’s Transcendentale Kennis 0.47
NED-RV  Raja Vidya  0.95
NED-SSR  De Wetenschap der Zelfrealisatie  2.89
NED-TE  Tijdeloze Eenvoud  1.00
NED-VK  Vedische Kookkunst  8.55
ARA-BBD  Beyond Birth and Death  0.58
ARA-POY  Perfection of Yoga  0.58
ARA-PQPA  Perfect Question, Perfect Answers  0.58
ITA-BG/S  La Bhagavad-Gita (Soft)  4.55
ITA-POP  Il Sentiero della Perfezione  1.89
ITA-PQPA  Incontro con Il Maestro Spirituale  1.75
ITA-TQK  Gli Insegnamenti della Regina Kunti  1.75
ITA-VEDA  Segreti Dei Veda  1.75
CHIN-BBD  Beyond Birth and Death  0.58
CHIN-POY  Perfection of Yoga  0.58
CHIN-PQPA  Perfect Question, Perfect Answers  0.58
SPAIN-BG/S  Bhagavad-gita tal como es (Small)  3.50
SPA-BBD  Mas Alla del Nacimiento y del la Muerte  0.65
SPA-CB  Volver a Nacer  0.90
SPA-CS  El cazador y el sabio  0.59
 SPA-EJ/S  Viaje Facil a Otros Planetas  0.65
SPA-LCL  La Vida Proviene de la Vida  0.95
SPA-OWK  En el Camino a Krsna  0.59
SPA-PM  Problemas Materiales  0.65
SPA-TYS  Meditation y Superconciencia  0.65
SPA-VF  Vegetarian Fantasia  0.95
SPA-POY  La perfeccion del yoga  0.59