Yoga and Vegetarianism


We are not on this planet in isolation and if you are practising yoga in order to free your spirit, how can you do it at the expense of other beings. Sharon Gannon writes in a very no-nonsense way, she is obviously passionate about what she is saying and is able to draw on many texts to support her vision.


Drawing on both the author’s extensive studies of Vedic traditions and her longtime interest in animal rights, “Yoga and Vegetarianism” shows how the physical and spiritual practice of yoga is historically and structurally tied to a vegetarian lifestyle.When they are used in tandem, she argues, yoga and vegetarianism form a strong framework for physical and spiritual attunement and promote an overall healthy life. “Yoga and Vegetarianism” emphasizes the importance of understanding of Ahimsa, the practice of non-harming and nonviolence, as the first step in marrying yoga and vegetarianism. All actions, says Gannon, originate as thoughts, so the ‘perfection of action’ that yoga strives for must come from a perfect thought. What is a perfect thought? According to the book, it is a thought free of selfish desire, anger, and hate. This brings us back to Ahimsa and to vegetarianism. Freeing oneself of needless cruelty, harm, and injustice – which includes eating meat – can transform both the individual and the world. This book shows how.

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