Yoga and Meditation: Their Real Purpose and How to Get Started


Yoga is a nonsectarian spiritual science that has been practiced and developed over thousands of years. The benefits of yoga are numerous. On the mental level it strengthens concentration, determination, and builds a stronger character that can more easily sustain various tensions in our lives for peace of mind. The assortment of asanas or postures also provide stronger health and keeps various diseases in check. They improve physical strength, endurance and flexibility. That is one of the goals of yoga.

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Its ultimate purpose is to raise our consciousness to directly perceive the spiritual dimension. Then we can have our own spiritual experiences. The point is that the more spiritual we become, the more we can perceive that which is spiritual. As we develop and grow in this way through yoga, the questions about spiritual life are no longer a mystery to solve, but become a reality to experience. It becomes a practical part of our lives. This book will show you how to do that. Some of the topics include:

* Benefits of yoga

* The real purpose of yoga

* The types of yoga, such as Hatha yoga, Karma yoga, Raja and Astanga yogas, Kundalini yoga, Bhakti yoga, Mudra yoga, Mantra yoga, and others.

* The Chakras and Koshas

* Asanas and postures, and the Surya Namaskar

* Pranayama and breathing techniques for inner changes

* Deep meditation and how to proceed

* The methods for using mantras

* Attaining spiritual enlightenment, and much more

Stephen Knapp has studied the major Vedic texts of India and practiced yoga and the Eastern teachings for over forty years. He has traveled extensively throughout India and has authored over a dozen well-received books on Vedic culture and its spiritual philosophy. He is also the president of the Vedic Friends Association.

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