Words of Wisdom from the Puranas


In these troubled times, we can look to the sages of ancient India for advice. Srila Vyasadeva compiled the Puranas for the guidance of mankind, and his writings are timeless and meant for our welfare. Surely you will find in this book words of wisdom that will help elevate you to a higher platform of existence.

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Among others the stories include: Sanaka Kumar speaking about brahmacarya, atonement, the nature of material existence and astanga yoga from the Narada Purana. Matali instructs King Yayati from the Padma Purana, Description of Kali-yuga & song sung by the Earth from the Visnu purana, The story of Savitri and Satyavan from the Brahma-vaivarta Purana, Instruction of Prahlada Maharaj to Bali Maharaj from the Vamana Purana. The glories of chanting Krsna,krsna, characteristics of a bona-fide disciple and a bona fide spiritual master, Bhagavata mahatmya from the Skanda Purana.Conversation between Lord Krsna and Garuda from the Garuda Purana, Narada and Lord Brahma debate the merit of household life from the Brahma-vaivarta Purana. How to observe ekadashi, the holy name of Lord Rama, discussions of morality by Narada Muni.types marriage and the duties of a householder, description of Vrindavan and Narada meets Radha. qualities of chaste women and many many more.

There is a total of 44 ecstatic chapters, nicey selected by Purnaprajna Das.

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