Words Of a Public Hermit


“Topics of Krsna are all-auspicious. It is said that the speaker is purified, the enquirer is purified and the audience is purified. I have spoken these words about Krsna on different occasions – first of all for my purification and then to contribute something to the world. Although i am not a great man, i have great teachers, so hopefully there is something good in my words. These are excerpts of lectures in a raw and meditative form. I guess it’s the way i live; I tend to get too busy in too many things. As far as this book is concerned, the wonder is not in the literary composition but what is wonderful is Krsna. The world is burning in a blazing forest fire of lust and envy and the likes, samsara-davanala-lidha-loka. Therefore, it is the transcendental glorification of Krsna that can change the situation.”

About the Author:

Kadamba Kanana Swami is a renowed spiritual leader and initiating guru in the International Society for Krishna Conciousness (ISKCON). For many years he resided in the holy land of Vrindavana, occupying various managerial positions, including serving as president of the Krishna Balarama Mandir Temple for 5 years. In 1997, he accepted Sannyasa from his spiritual master, Sripad Jayadvaita Swami. Since then he has been trevelling and praching widely across most continents. He is also a teacher of scripture, and has lectured extensivly on various courses run by academic institutes in Vrindavana and Mayapur, for over 13 years. He has numerous disciples and friends whose lives have been transformed by his personal guidance and mentorship, as well as by his deep realizations about the supreme lord.

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