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You feel the need to get some fresh air and it is freezing cold outside? Get this wonderful warm beadbag, which saves your fingers from going numb from cold. 3 hours of work, 3 Layers and an extra finger… … all this guarantee best Japa-meditation even if it is freezing cold outside. Priceless invention

These beadbags are hand made by devotees from Germany. For the outer layer they use a strong textile, so that the bag can withstand some use.

For the middle layer they use a special insulation which keeps the warmth inside and gives the bag extra strength.

The inner layer which is in contact with the hand is made of soft fleece. There is also an extra finger sewn so that the index finger can not come in contact with the Mala and is still kept warm and protected.

The result of the combination of this 3 layers are many small air cushions which warm up and keep the warmth.

In this way there is nothing which can prevent us from concentrated meditation.

We have at the moment the following colors available: Dark green, Purple, Red with white dots, Yellow, Blue, Red. Please specify which color do you prefer.

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