Will of God


Not a blade of grass moves without the will of God – as learned from a wise minister of a king. Nice story depicting how every situation in life is and can be a direct arrangement of the Almighty God.


King is bitten by a snake into his finger and in a rush thought, he decides to cut his finger off, so that the poison doesn’t spread further in his body. The minister bandage his finger with a comment: ” Take this simply as the mercy of the Lord”, which the king didn’t appreciate and threw the minister into a dungeon. Further on his hunting expedition, the king is seized by a gang of bandits, who want to sacrifice the king on Kali’s altar. But when they see that the king has a missing finger, they don’t consider him fit for their purposes and thus release him. King being grateful to the minister goes directly to the dungeon and releases him. Being still puzzled, he asks the minister:” If everything is the arrangement of the Lord, what was the purpose of you being thrown into a dungeon?” Do you want to know what the wise minister replies?

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