We feel, Just like you do


We Feel – Just Like You Do

by Dr. Sahadeva dasa

How egocentric of humans to think we are the only beings who can think, feel, bond with others, etc. As the “dominating” species, we have a responsibility to care for and protect the entire planet, including the other animals. Those who describe animals as not having any thoughts or feelings come closer to the description they’re trying to describe. Its enormously puzzling that extreme suffering only gets widely questioned if it is the suffering of members of the human species. It is extraordinary how many people just accept the appalling treatment of such a vast number of animals. Animals have souls and we have a duty to respect them! Anything less is to deny one’s humanity and one’s own soul! Numerous stories outlined in this book prove this point, beyond the shadow of a doubt.


Dr. Sahadeva dasa (Sanjay Shah), born in December 1966, is a monk in vaisnava tradition. Coming from a prominent family of Rajasthan, India, he graduated in commerce from St.Xaviers College, Kolkata and then went on to complete his CA (Chartered Accountancy) and ICWA (Cost and works Accountancy) with national ranks.

Recently he received his doctorate. For close to last two decades, he is leading a monk’s life and he has made serving God and humanity as his life’s mission. His areas of work include research in Vedic and contemporary thought, Corporate and educational training, social work and conselling, travelling in India and aborad, writing books and of course, practicing spiritual life and spreading awareness about the same. He is based in Secunderabad.

He is also an accomplished musician, composer, singer, instruments player and sound engineer. He has more than a dozen albums to his credit so far. His varied interests include alternative holistic living, vedic studies, social criticism, environment, linguistics, history, art & crafts, nature studies, web technologies etc. His earlier book, Oil – A Global Crisis and Its Solutions (oilCrisisSolutions.com) has been acclaimed internationally.

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