Voice Your Choice: Ethics from the Epics


Life is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. In fact life is a series of choices. Happiness is a choice. So is misery. Honesty is a choice; so is dishonesty.However, in essence, the only choice every human ever has is to allow either internal voices to influence one’s external choices; or to allow others’ external choices to influence internal voices.
“Voice Your choice”, is a collection of thought provoking articles that distill the mature wisdom of Mahabharata and Ramayana to assist one in empowering the inner voice.


90 powerful chapters looking into the even more powerful epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana and their moral messages with the application into our day-to-day life. These epics deal with diverse complexities of human existence.

Mahabharata is especially oriented to deal with these complexities in a story form, attracting one and all towards it. However, we need to look at it with reference to its relevance in our own life. There is much deeper aspect to Mahabharata then a mere entertaining story, and that is its insightful and enlightening side.

It is like the ocean – everyone benefits by the presence of the ocean. Those who do not know how to swim, can play on the beach, or jump in and out of the waves which hit the shore and feel entertained by it, others can go in and swim, and still other can go deeper and collect the gems! The jewels are the real gems of the Mahabharata, which can be collected by learning the art of diving deep into it.

Mahabharata teaches us through the story of the Pandavas how to live a dharmic and successful life, even-though if life is a struggle and this is a very important skill to learn in order to be successful in this modern world of challenges and contradictory motions. It teaches us how to be happy, how to look for prosperity not by creating conflicts but by cooperation, how and whom to love,above all, it teaches us to make life choices guided by dharma.

Every page of “Voice Your Choice” narrates a story, a lesson, an inspiration to choose a life lived like Arjuna and Yudisthira. Like a lighthouse, Voice your choice maneuvers us through tricky and difficult storms of life by empowering us to voice a choice, the right choice.

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