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The Vishnupurana is one of the most popular mythological TV serials from India. It is the story of Lord Vishnu, who comes to earth time and again to maintain the balance between good and evil.

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The Visnupurana, the Saga of the Ten Avatars of Visnu, covers the pastimes of His incarnations. It is based on the Vishnu Purana, an ancient collection of stories and scripture. It contains other stories, such as the Legend of Dhruv. It is the story of Lord Krishna, who, in man’s fight against evil, comes to earth time and again to maintain the balance between good and evil, destroy the demons and please His devotees. The series is complete with 31 Volumes. Each DVD contains four Episodes. Audio in Hindi. Subtitles in English.

The following incarnations are covered:

Matsya (horned fish),

Kurma (mighty turtle),

Varaha (fierce boar),

Narasimha (half man, half lion),

Vamana (dwarf incarnation),

Parasurama (ferocious sage),

Rama (dutiful prince),

Krishna (His original form as Vrndavana cow-herd boy),

Buddha (compassionate sage),

and Kalki (end-times Messiah).

Description of the first seven DVDs:

DVD Volume one contains the first four Episodes:
Dharti introduces herself to the viewers and starts narrating the story of the creation of the universe.
Lord Visnu created this universe and created the trinity of gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Siva).
Manu and Shatrupa\’s first son becomes king and one of his two sons named Dhruva is neglected and goes to the forest to pray for the appearance of Lord Visnu . . .


DVD Volume two contains the Episodes five to nine: Lord Visnu appears before Dhruva and instructs him on \”Karma\” and \”Bhakti\”. Dhruva after being dnlightened returns back to his family and the reunion of his entire family completes his happiness. Dharti introduces the story of saint Kasyapa, who had three wives named Diti, Aditi, and Dhanu. Lord Visnu askes Lord Brahma to pass on the four Vedas to mankind, but envious demon named Haygrive steals the Vedas, when Brahma is away. Lord Visnu incarnates himself as a tiny fish and when the demon tries to destroy the Vedas, Lord Visnu kills the demon and rescues the Vedas . . .


DVD Volume three contains the Episodes ten to fourteen: Lord Indra declares himself almighty and unbeatable. Lord Visnu is unhappy with Indra\’s pride. Sukracarya is doing penance to optain some special mantra which empowers him. Indra sends Apsaras to obstruct him. Indra\’s daughter Jayanti takes the job instead and after posing as a disciple she manages to put red chili powder in the dry burning leaves next to Shukracarya. The smell causes his eyes, nose and ears to bleed. Jayanti confesses her guilt. Lord Visnu grants Sukracarya the mantra and Sukracarya accepts Jayanti as his wife. A war between the demons and the devas begins . . .


DVD Volume four contains the Episodes fifteen to nineteen: The demons and devas are churning the primeval ocean to obtain immortal nectar. Lord Visnu incarnates as Kurma the divine turtle, and supports the cosmic churn on His back. Dhanvantari emerges with a pot of gold containing nectar. The demons get cheated and all the nectar is been given to the devas. Vishnu\’s guards get cursed to become demons in their next three lives and the appear as Hiranyaksa and Hiranyakasipu. Hiranyaksa gets killed by Lord Visnu in His form as Varaha. Brother Hiranyakasipu decides for revenge and is doing penance to get special power from Brahma. Narada rescues Hiranyakasipu\’s wife Kayadu from Indra\’s attempts to kill the unborn son. Narada keeps Kayadu in his ashram to make sure she worships Lord Visnu, so that the son will be born as a devotee . . .


DVD Volume five contains the Episodes twenty to twentyfour: Hiranyakasipu succeds in his penance and Kayadu gives birth to a son, Prahlada. He grows up in the palace of Hiranyakasipu and gets educated by Sukracarya. Prahlada refuses to worship his father and declares that there is only one god and that is Lord Vishnu. Finally is enraged and and orders his son\’s execution. His man fail to do so . . .


DVD Volume six contains the Episodes twentyfive to twentyniner: Hiranyakasipu is enraged and arranges all kinds of methods to execute his son Prahlada. They try to keep him hungry, they try to throw him from a hilltop, they imprison him and they try to poison him without success. They lock him in a snake pit, and one of the snakes bites instead the brother Ahlad, who dies. On the request of Prahlada, Lord Visnu brings his brother back to life. Next they try to burn him alive . . .


DVD Volume seven contains the Episodes thirty to thirtyfour: Hiranyakasipu is enraged and arranges further kinds of methods to execute his son Prahlada. They try to burn him, they try to drown him, they imprison him and they try to have him trampled by an elephant. The sons of Sukracarya try to kill Prahlada and get killed themselves. Prahlada prays to Lord Visnu to revive them, which is granted. Now Hiranyakasipu decides to kill his son personally. Lord Visnu appears in His form of Narasimha and kills Hiranyakasipu. Goddess Laksmi is grateful to Lord Visnu for saving Prahlada and killing Hiranyakasipu. Prahlada prepares to perform the king\’s last rites to light the pyre of his late father . . .

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