Vishnu Purana: Krishna’s pastimes in the Fifth canto


The Visnu Purana is as authoritative as the Mahabharata. The tenth canto of Bhagavatam follows the fifth canto of Visnu Purana, which is fully translated here. This short and sweet narration of Krsna’s pastimes appeals to readers of all ages. It is translated by the graduated student of Gopiparanadhana Prabhu, Gaurapada Dasa.

The fifth Canto of Visnu Purana is the longest of its six cantos, with 38 chapters. The speaker of Visnu Purana is Parasara muni, the father of Vyasa. The Purana is in fact a long conversation between Parasara Muni and Maitreya Rsi.  This is a verse-by-verse translation of all 38 chapters of this canto of Visnu Purana.


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