Vedic Dharma and the Grhastha-ashrama


Compiled from the lectures and informal talks delivered by His Divine Grace Srila Gour Govinda Swami.



Introduction: Varnasrama-dharma: The Scientific Structure of the Social System of Society

1. The Varnasrama Institution is Most Scientific (Accepting Sannyasa prematurely, Pouring ghee into a blazing fire, Varnasrama-dharma should be strictly followed, The early days in Bhubaneswar, The five rules observed by a brahmacari, Brahmacaris with material desiree entre the grhasta-asrama, Agrhasta is also a brahmacari, A religious principle of grhastha-asrama, The duty of a family, Willingly drinking poison, ….

2. Kalau Sudra-Sambhavah: In the Age of Kali everyone is born a sudra (Garbhadhana-samskara, Ten purificatory ceremonies, The Material nature acts, Three types of birth, The Cheaters and the cheated, Bell metal is turned into Gold, Demons are born in Brahmana Families, a True Brahmana, …

3. The Principles of Vedic Marriage (Progress in krsna-bhajana, This Rarely Achieved Human Birth, Anuloma and Pratiloma Marriage, Discipline is Meant for Human Beings, Guru Explains Sastra, The Duty of a Wise and Intelligent Man,Accept Marriage according to Vedic Rites, ….

4. Vedic Marriage and the Kali Yuga (Running after Sensual Enjoyment, Today there is marriage- tomorow there is divorce, Marriage takesplace simply by Agreement,Three types of Birth, The Root Cause of Divorce, Become Krsna Dasa, Give Pleasure to Krsna, Understand what Marriage means, Fire and the Buttr pot, …..

5. Re-establishing Sanatana-dharma (From Satya-yuga to Kali-yuga, Do Not Imitiate powerful personalities, A Place for Kali to reside, The Duties of a Grhastha, …

6. Ten Vedic Samskaras

7. Our Behaviour Should Be Related with Krsna (A devotee is endowed with all good qualities, Addiction to a woman, As tolerant as a tree, The attraction between male and female…..

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