Vedic Archeology and Assorted Essays

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Vedic Archeology and Assorted Essays

by Steven Rosen (Satyaraj, SPD)

Collected in Vedic Archeology and Assorted Essays are some of the articles most enjoyed by Steven Rosen`s readers during the last ten years. Included here are transcribed radio, interviews, public addresses, magazine features, and short essays-all elucidating ancient India`s Vedic tradition. Focusing on Vaishnavism, which is the essence of the Vedic system, this anthology takes diverse spiritual themes and shows their relevance for the changing world in which we live.

The value of this book is absolutely far above the price you pay for that. Steven Rosen, known as one of the best writers in the movement, has put together wonderful articles relating the hidden history behind the life of Jesus Christ, prophecies of Bhavishya Purana about Mohammed, Buddha and Caitanya Mahaprabhu, powerful addresses for different occasions, homages to Prabhupada, the stories of great poets, scientific thought on devotional culture. Eloquent and clear language, a lot of exciting, confidential information. Wonderful reading for inquisitive mind.

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