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The Ramayan and Mahabharata are the two most important epics of ancient India. The Ramayan is the older of the two and was authored by Maharishi Valmiki, at the instance of Sage Narada. Ramayana, literary means, the story of Rama. The ooriginalwork was in sanskrit, though later on, Saint Tulsi Das wrote it in Hindi poetry under the title Ramcharitmanas.

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Ramayan is one of the greatest epics and is sacred to the hindu and Vaisnava tradition. Originally written by Valmiki, this version is retold by Lata Seth and it uses many illustrations to give a good insight of the stories. Easy and simple language has been the hallmark of this edition. The book also brings out moral values required for present generation. The illustrations for this book have been done by Kishan Lal Verma, who is specializing on the painting so f human anatomy and human relation. He has done many nice artwork for other children’s and religious books such as Mahabharata, Bible, etc.

As remarked by Sage Narada, the Rayamana came to be a sacred book. People study it with deep devotion and reverence, not only in India, but in many countries around the globe. By virtue of its lofty moral ideals to be followed in day-to-day life,the Ramayana has been serving as a light-house for the people of the whole world. Its ideals of true family relationships, dutifulness, purity of thinking, tolerance and loyalty are working a wonder even today in the face of polluting western influences which are more concerned with materialism than noble values.


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