Vaisnava Compassion

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This book seeks to analyze both the standard understanding of compassion for the Vaisnava, the actual presentation of Krsna conscious knowledge, and the importance of the human element in its expression.


Compassion is one of the main pillars of Vaisnava life. Actually, being compassionate is synonymous with the devotional life. By looking frankly at some of our attitudes toward ourselves and others in the Krsna consciousness movement, this book suggests ways to make our compassion more inclusive, and how to deal with the obstacles that arise in a life dedicated to service.

Other topics considered are nonviolence, Krsna’s compassion toward us, the necessity for internal, contemplative life within an active life of preaching, and a taste of the raga-bhakta’s feelings of compassion toward the reservoir of compassion, Krsna Himself.

Chapters include:

Preaching as Compassion


Dina-bandhu: Krsna’s Compassion for the Fallen Souls

Contemplation as Compassion

and Krsna as the Object of Compassion.

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