Vaisnava Behaviour:26 Qualities of a Devotee

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An elaboration on the 26 qualities of a devotee and a discussion on the standards of Vaisnava behaviour.


The behavior and qualities of a devotee of God. People are aware that no matter how hard they try to be happy in this life, they still experience hardship. Yet, they may not be aware that just one blessing can relieve this constant suffering–experiencing the genuine, God conscious behavior of a Vaishnava (devotee of Krishna). Anyone who encounters a devotee’s behavior can be directly reminded of one’s personal relationship with God. In the words of a 14th-Century Vaishnava saint, Shree Chaitanya, a devotee establishes the true purpose of religious principles by one’s behavior. Studying twenty-six qualities of a devotee gives us a glimpse into how a devotee expresses and experiences one’s relationship with God and others. The way to cultivate these qualities is to associate with those souls who are examples of living devotion and to serve them. This service in association requires careful attention to one’s behavior. Development of devotional attitudes and moods that fulfill the relationship between the soul and God is the true purpose behind religion.

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