Vaishnava Tales


This is a collection of Vaisnava tales written in an easy to understand format and it’s pocket size makes it a good companion to have along anytime.



* Naughty Narayan

* The Butcher

* Five Bengali Songs Translated

* India’s Inner Spirit

* The Jar of Gold Coins

* An Immature Renouncement

* Deaf to Desire

* Loving Taxes

* Greed

* Alms from the Enemy

* Mutual Love

* The Tale of the Black Cavalier

Naughty Narayan : Lord Shiva was going to marry Gauri, the daughter of Himalaya. In the groom’s party there were the demigods, leading sages and other dignitaries. Narayan was the chief guest. The groom is traditionally received at the gate of the bride’s house by his mother-in-law. Menoka, the wife of Himalaya, waved her fingers and moved lamps in circles, before the face of Shiva, the groom. The Latter was standing quietly motionless, not much concerned or conscious about what was happening around Him. Narayan, his head full of mischievous ideas….. (for more grab a copy now)

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