Uttama Bhakti


Discourses & Inquiries on Pure Devotional Service.

This book Uttama Bhakti is a compilation of the teachings of His Grace Sankarsana Dasa Adhikari, a bona fide spiritual master in the Brahma Madhva Gaudiya sampradaya. The book provides us with practical tips on cultivating pure devotional service. Also, compiled here are selected inquiries on the various doubts and challenges spiritual practitioners face while attempting to perform pure devotional service


The sweetest, more relishable form of Krishna is His original form, which is manifested exclusively in Vrindavana. It is here in Vrindavana that Krishna eternally has His intimate pastimes with the top most of His devotees. Any devotee who aspires to  serve and associate with Krishna in this topmost of all abodes is welcome to do so provided he has the same mood of total surrender to Krishna as exhibited by the Vrajavasis, the inhabitants of Vrindavana. The Vrajavasis will do anything to please Krishna without any concern for their own personal happiness or unhappiness. They simply want to see that Krishna is totally pleased in all circumstances. Because of their mood of total devotion to Krishna, Krishna becomes their personal property.

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