Uplift Yourself, Change the World


Reconnect with your brilliance, power and spirit. 

This little book gives you gem-like ‘meditations’ to help you respond to the deepest challenges of life from a higher consciousness, a consciousness that is aware, peaceful, and calmly in control of itself and its circumstances. It is a collection of meditations divided into 29 chapters – from the influence of your deep-rooted beliefs to following your dharma (or calling), from releasing blame to becoming one with the healing power of compassion and forgiveness, from the feedback your life gives you to the dynamics behind relationships, Uplift Yourself will take you to a level of awareness few achieve. Uplift Yourself is your personal daily meditation guide.

The author, Martin Hausner (Mahatma Das), ….as a spiritual seeker of the 60’s, he had the opportunity to learn from many great teachers and put their teachings to the test by practicing various forms of meditation, austerities and spiritual service, living as a monk for a decade. The experience he gained living in the asrama really came to life when he applied the same wisdom and principles in the world when he married and raised a family. 

The challenge to live from your highest self rather than from conditioned instincts was something Martin grappled with for years after leaving the monastic setting in which he lived well protected from the world. It was in learning how to connect head and heart, living the wisdom he cultivated as a monk in his daily life that he formed the foundation of his teachings. He well understood that if we cannot live in integrity with our values and higher self in all circumstances, if we are not able to what live we know, then we are not fully embracing the gift of our spiritual nature, a nature that could solve every problem and heal every wound we face. He reasoned that if we can’t integrate the gifts of wisdom into our lives, we miss out on the vast wealth of knowledge the great traditions and thinkers of the world have gifted us.

It is with the ambition to bring together the spiritual and material into a holistic and synergistic unit that enables, empowers and guides people to reflect their divine qualities in every word, thought and action that Martin developed the Sattva materials. He then applied these teachings and principles to people in all walks of life and in all situations, from helping teens rise above peer pressures to living more intentionally, from helping couples become more sensitive to one another’s feelings to becoming more supportive team members, from empowering people to forgive to living completely free of ego, from helping employees and leaders accept differences to becoming  more than they ever thought possible, and to helping people understand the highest and most esoteric spiritual truths, Martin relates to where people are at and what they most need to understand at the moment.

Through Martin’s work over the years in helping people become better, he noticed that when people improve in one or two areas, it is often at the cost of neglecting other areas of their lives. For example, some people who cultivate their intellect neglect to cultivate close relationships. People who are mentally powerful, focused and determined often are so engaged in work that they neglect their physical well being. Or we find spiritual people who are very devoted are sometimes emotionally dysfunctional. Understanding that if we only cultivate one or two aspects of our being, we can actually do harm to other parts of ourselves, Martin developed the technology he called Whole Beings Intelligence to address a person holistically rather than educating one or two aspects of the individual or only focusing on offering them skill sets. He saw that when a person grows equally in all areas of life: physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and also on the level of ego, consciousness and spirit, they become more balanced and whole, and thus avoid succeeding in one area at the cost of failing in another.

Martin is also an executive coach, a kind of guru to those in positions of influence. Martin’s guidance is not based on skills, but in ways of being: seeing and dealing with people with empathy and compassion. He helps leaders gain focus on what’s important, change debilitating behaviors and habits, and most importantly he helps them base their success on a firm spiritual foundation. He emphasizes the principle of Success Beyond Success, to not only contribute to this world but to work for something that outlasts our physical presence. 


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