Trnad Api Sunicena


Lower than the straw in the street.

Compiled from lectures and informal talks by Gour Govinda Swami on how we need to develop the mood of humility, tolerance, patience, and how to behave in a Vaisnava society.


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Trinad api sunicena is a series of lectures on how we need to develop the mood of humility, tolerance, patience, perseverance and how one should behave in a Vaisnava society. Developing these qualities will help us on our path of hari-bhajana! Sriman Mahaprabhu’s main teaching was one of humility and tolerance.

Brief Table of Contents:

  • Introduction – Radharani’s Order (Mahaprabhu’s Mercy is required, Krsna’s Will is Supreme, Radharani Is Krsna’s Guru, Mahaprabhu is Merciful even to Offenders…)
  • Chapter One: Trinad Api Sunicena – Lower than the Straw on the Street (The most important teaching, The Ideal Teacher, Pay Obeisances to All Vaisnavas, Gaura Kisora Das Babaji Maharaja’s Instructions, How Mahaprabhu Taught Amani Manada,
  • Chapter Two: Taror Iva Sahisnuna – As Tolerant as a Tree
  • Chapter Three: How to Develop Tolerance
  • Chapter Four: Humility Is Needed
  • Chapter Five: Saralata Hi Vaisnavata – Simplicity is Vaisnavism
  • Chapter Six: Kapatya – Crookedness, The Great Stumbling Block
  • Chapter Seven: A Society Without Envy
  • Chapter Eight: The Source of Envy and Intolerance
  • Chapter Nine: Give Up Pride to Develop Krsna-Prema
  • Chapter Ten: The Result of Krsna-Bhajana
  • Chapter Eleven: Prema-Rasa, The Loving Mellow

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