To Kill Cow Means to End Human Civilization


This book deals with ‘cow’, the very representative of the aphonic creation of God, a symbol of selfless service to man in life and death. Our attitude towards this important animal will decide our fate. Strange it may sound or even eccentric, cow will prove to be the making or breaking point for humanity.


Today we are treating other life forms just like inert objects, as if they are devoid of any feelings whatsoever. We are showing unprecedented cruelty and callousness towards the dumb creation of God with whom we share this planet. Cruelty has been industrialized, barbarism has been institutionalized. Today the mistreatment of animals is phenomenal, unprecedented in human history. The unspeakable treatment meted out to poor animals before they become our dinner will never go unpunished by the stringent laws of nature.

Already we stand at the crossroads today. Dangerous challenges are staring us in the face on the environmental, ecological, moral, social, economic and health fronts. Global uncertainties are mounting and humanity’s future prospects look increasingly bleak. Before it gets too late, mankind has to get back to cow, get back to the mother.

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