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Wisdom is the art of converting an experience into learning. Every experience one undergoes in the course of life is like a seed. The learning that comes out from that experience is like a tree. The biggest of trees manifest from the smallest of seeds. How easy it is to misjudge the depth of content that is stored in the tiny seed! If only we could learn to decode the hidden wisdom contained in every experience, life would become a journey of learning, rather than a series of frustrating experiences. The Wisdom Tree is a book that helps you see the world from the perspective of a learner.



* Lighting Up Our Lives – Disease of Ignorance, Knowledge of the Soul, Too Large a Creation, Too Tiny a Brain, Seeing through the Eyes of the Scriptures,…

* Material Perceptions, Spiritual Reality – Spirituality: Is there a Real Need? The Time Factor: Truth Only in Permanence, From Temporary to Eternal, True Pleasure: Material vs. Spiritual,…

* Human Birth – The Time to Inquire – Special Opulence of Human Beings, Power of Inquiry, Being Content and Peaceful, Cause of Worry, The Treasures Lies Within, The Ultimate Purpose of Life,…

* Life Bewilders, Scriptures Clarify – More Gadgets, Less Happiness, Poverty of the Rich, A matter of Consciousness, Temporary Relationships,….

Reviving Our Connection with the Divine – The Reawakening, The Highest Blessing, The Greatest Need, The Real Hope, Light in Darkness, Loving God Enables Us to Love Everyone,…

* Intelligence Fixed in Knowledge – Intelligence Fixed in Knowledge: Progress in True Spirituality – Intelligence Fixed in Knowledge, Chariot of the Body, The Panacea for the Evils of Modern Age, Get Married Get Spiritual, The Magic Talisman of Tolerance,….

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