The Spiritual Scientist Series II


This compilation of articles published in leading Indian newspapers including The Times of India and The Economic Times takes you on an enlightening tour of the world around you, and the world within you. The tour offers a fresh look at your own life through the eyes of spiritual wisdom and empowers you to march through life with maturity and confidence.


In this volume you will find among others:

1. Self Help: articles like:

Learn the language of God

Healthy Body, Sick Mind

Bound to be Free

Fill the Empty Heart

The Original Aids

The Unloved Lover

The Unnecessities of Life

Success Sutra

Married Strangers

2. Science And Spirituality chapter contains articles like:

God Doesn’t Believe in Atheists

Give Yourself A Break, Don’t Break Yourself

Fatal Fat

Are You Centrifugal or Centripal?

Music therapy

Warmer Hearts Can Cool Warmer Planet

3. Vedic Insights chapter includes articles like:

The Cricket of Life

Is God Male or Female

Memories Are Like Mines

Consumed By Consumerism

Two Point Formula For Happiness

Om Shanti Om

Now Or Never

Death Is a Reminder Of Eternal Life

Ravana – The Serial Culture Killer

Rejoice In The Inner Voice

Responsibly Irresponsible

The Old, The New and The Eternal

Let’s Stop Begging

Go Beyond Darkness and Whiteness

Why Starve Ourselves

The Law of Last Thought

4. Festival Meditations chapter includes articles like:

The Hermitage In The Heart

The Ferociously Beautiful Avatar

From the Ravana of Lust, to the Ram-setu of Love

The Golden Avatar For the Iron Age

Where Love Supersedes Law

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