The Spiritual Scientist Series I


This compilation of articles published in Times of India and other leading Indian newspapers empowers you to rediscover the missing spiritual dimension of life. The memorable examples, the soothing language, the eloquent words and the convincing logic will equip you with fresh spiritual perspectives for personal contemplation and rejuvenation as well as for group discussions and interviews.


In this volume you will find among others:

1. Self Help: articles like:

– Are we the Makers of our destiny?

– The secret of Fearlessness

– Suicide – Why? What to do?

– The Power of Humility and Tolerance

– Are you a Positive Thinker?

– Too Busy to be Happy?

– God Answers Knee-mail

– God Proposes, Man Accepts

– Faith lift

2. Science And Spirituality chapter contains articles like:

– SQ – Your Ultimate Intelligence

– Humanity – A Burden?

– Reel Unreality

– The Sound Beyond Silence

3. Vedic Insights chapter includes articles like:

– Is Work Worship

– The Best Investor

– Faithful Heart, Joyful Heart

– Make Your Family Divine

– The Key to religious Harmony

– Let’s Stop Daydreaming

4. Festival Meditations chapter includes articles like:

– Illuminate Your Heart on Diwali

– A Divine festival of freedom

– Celebrate the Spirit of Krishna Consciousness

– The Song of God

– Happy New Year

– When Black Becomes Beautiful

– Burn the Ravana Within

and others….

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