The Real You – Wisdom from Radhanath Swami


When the sun shines on a snow-capped mountain, the layers of snow melt down helplessly. Similarly, when sun-like wisdom shines on a covered entity, layers of ignorance start melting away, thus uncovering The Real You.

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In this book, you will find a combination of the wisdom of the heart and the wisdom of art. This combined wisdom can make us ponder, wonder and help us overcome the blunder of ignorance which leads to suffering and sorrow. This book is a collection of pearls of wisdom, in the necklace of life, for the beauty of the soul.


* Value to Strive For: Love Gives – Greed Takes, Grateful heart, Compassion – the Highest Spiritual Truth, Perfect Charity, Unconditional Service, Humility Means Honesty….

* The Spirit is Me – Real Freedom, The Quest for truth, Hijackers of the Soul,…

* Know God – Is there a God?, Does God Give Freedom?, Miracles of God, Temple of the Heart, ….

* Wisdom From The Heart – Two Things to Forget,Two to Remember, Hope in Pain, True Culture, Real Medicine,

* From Nature – The Ocean, Rains, Calm Caves, Mother Earth, Clouds and Mood, Be like a Tree,…

* Irony of This World – Power of Credit Cards, Manmade Illusion, Listen to Good Advice, Rain of Mercy, The Hole in the Heart…

* On Leadership – Ideal Taxes, Real Leadership, Foundation of Leadership, Forgiveness,Love and Leadership, …

* Peace-The Need of the Day – Love Beyond Peace, The Enemies Within, War & Peace, Prayer for Universal Wellbeing, …

* Yoga And Meditation – Tuning In, Understanding Meditation, Yoga Means Unity, The Joy that Gives Birth to Eternal Joy, …

* How to be Successful – The Art of Work, No pain-No gain, The Foundation to Excel, The Good and the evil, Attitude Shapes Your Destination, …

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