The Power of the Dharma: An INtroduction to Hinduism and Vedic Culture

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This book has been especially written for those who want an easy reference and introduction to the Vedic Hindu philosophy and tradition. It provides a concise overview and quick guide of the major principles found within Vedic culture, and answers the most common questions people have about Vedic customs and its Dharmic teachings. It also offers a good grasp of the essential values and ideology of the Vedic path while keeping it simple to understand. It provides many insights into the depth and value of the timeless wisdom of Vedic spirituality and reveals why the Dharmic path has survived for thousands of years.


This reveals why the Dharma is presently enjoying a renaissance among an increasing number of people who want to explore its teachings and see what its many techniques of self-discovery have to offer.

In “The Power of the Dharma”, you will find:

* quotes by noteworthy people on the unique qualities of Hinduism;

* essential principles of the Vedic spiritual path;

* particular traits, customs, and explanations of Hindu worship;

* descriptions of the main yoga systems;

* significance and legends of the colorful Hindu festivals;

* benefits of Ayurveda, Vastu, Vedic astrology, and gemology;

* important insights of Dharmic life and how to begin practicing it.

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