The Oracle of Rama


Discover your destiny with The Oracle of Rama, the great oracle of India, and one of the simplest to use.

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Like the I Ching, it consists of various verses that one can get to answer one’s questions. The system is based upon Tulsidas, originally written as an oracle and still a great classic in India today. Inspired by the symbolism of Lord Rama, a divine incarnation, the system is designed to be a quick and insightful divination tool. This deck (the first of it’s kind) is divided into seven sections and affording the reader hundreds different lines that can be chosen for ones queries. It can be used for matters of the heart and spirit, as well as for all practical matters of life from health to relationship and career issues. Dr. David Frawley, PhD, author of the landmark book on which this diviniation deck is based, contributes new commentary to this modern adaptation of this timeless classic.

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