The Mystery of Palmistry – A guide to the Art and Science of Palm Reading


Explore the mysteries of palmistry in this book Understand the connections between your past, your present and your future. Learn not only how to interpret the lines on your own hands – and those of people around you – but also the ethics and methods of the practice of palmistry.
A must read for all those who seek a greater understanding of life and the world through this fascinating art.


Seven Basic Ethics of Palm Reading

1. Give adequate time while learning and do not be hasty.

2. Be honest with yourself about your knowledge.

3. Do not guess. Stay silent if not sure.

4. Give each part and section a thorough reading.

5. The palmist should sit at a convenient distance from the client so that the hand is clearly visible and the client does not feel uncomfortable.

6. The palmist and client should face each other and not sit side by side as it may be an uneasy setting.

7. The palmist should not move the hand repeatedly in order to read it.

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