The Lord Appears as a Fish and Other Incarnations


Our young writer, Roopmatie Ramatula (R.Govinda) has fabulously penned down simple but deeply immersed accounts of the various incarnations of the Supreme Lord. The accounts of the Ten Incarnations of the Lord has been glorified by saintly personalities since the beginning of time. The saintly Jayadeva Goswami, the author of the Gita Govinda, that describes the intimate pastimes of the Supreme Lord Krishna with His loving devotees of Vrindavan, began his descriptions with the rendering of soulful verses in prayerful to the ten incarnations of the Lord. These verses are song daily in most traditional temples in India. Lord Krishna’s incarnations remain fresh in people’s minds even though thousands and millions of years have passed since His descent. He appeared each time to save His devotees and reestablish religious principles. The Vedas, of which Srimad Bhagavatam is the cream, is filled with accounts of the various principal incarnations as well as periodic incarnations. These accounts reveal a culture of kings and demons, sages and non-believers, and the Lord and His devotees. Each time the Lord incarnates He does so with splendor, showing Himself to be the Supreme Person, even though He makes a dramatic display of His complete opulences, whether He be in the form of a fish or a human. A devotee of Krishna, although hearing these activities repeatedly, never tires of hearing them and the narrations always remain fresh.

Though the target audience for this book are the young readers, but the adults will also find this book delightful reading and spiritually elevating.Paperback. 228 Pages. Stories with Paintings.

About the Author: Radhe Khatwani aka (Radha Govinda devi dasi), was born in Trinidad and Tobago but have been living in Panama City Panama since the past 20 years. As a young child she attended Iskcon Gurukula after which she furthered English and did many writing courses. She is also a musician studying formally Bansuri since the past 6 years and also play harmonium and sing. Her first book was published last year, it is a Mahabharata for young adults. The second book, the Ten Incarnations is also directed to young adults because being the mother of 3 kids she strongly feel that the books had to written in a language that they can easily relate to. She felt her experiment was successful as she have received many reports of young adults who have read the Mahabharata and loved it. Her test started from home as once it was published by kids spent hours reading just as they would ready a Percy Jackson or Diary of a Wimpy Kid so that made her convinced that her book was interesting enough to keep their attention.

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