The Laws of Manu Hardbound


The Laws of Manu

Translated by G. Buhler, edited by F.Max Muller

Manu is considered to be the founder of social and moral order, inventor of sacrificial rites, and the author of legal maxims. In the present work, The Laws of Manu, as found in the famous Manusmrti, have been fully translated. These laws state good and bad qualities of human actions, according to Aryan norms, and lay down immemorial rules of conduct to be followed by the four castes. It includes the precepts for the duties of kings and the administration of justice, which form the basis of Hindu law.

This edition of Manu-smrti is following strictly verse by verse order, including a total of 12 chapters. Very scientific.

For an evolved edition one hundred years later please see the softbound edition by Wendy Doniger with Brain K. Smith, which is written in a continuous narrative.

This Sanskrit text was first translated into English in 1794. Originally consisting of 2685 verses deal about the social obligations and duties of the various castes and of individuals in different stages of life.

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These volumes of the Sacred Books of the East Series include the translations of all the most important works of the seven non-Christian religions that have exercised a profound influence on the civilizations of the continent of Asia. The Vedic Brahmanic System claims 21 volumes, Buddism 10, and Jainism 2; 8 volumes comprise Sacred Books of the Parsees; 2 volumes represent Islam; and 6 the two main indigenous systems of China. Translated by twenty leading authorities in the respective fields, the volumes have been edited by the late F. Max Muller. The inception, publication and compilation of these books cover 34 years.


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