The Heart of a Vaishnava


The Heart of a Vaishnava reminds us of Krishna’s words, “The worship of My devotee is greater than even worship of Me” (amara bhakta puja ama haite bala).

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To the uninitiated, this is a puzzle, for Krishna elsewhere says, “The devotee is My heart and I am His.” But here Swami B.P. Puri shows that without the association of devotees there is no Krishna. The Lord is present in this world through His devotees. If we want to find Krishna, we must look for Him in the midst of Vaishnava association. This book glorifies the Vaishnava: it tells us of the necessity of Vaishnava association, it tells us how to recognize the Vaishnava, and it tells us how to serve the Vaishnava. Indeed, it is the association of Vaishnavas that is most dear to the heart of every other Vaishnava.

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