The fascinating Jupiter


The Fascinating Jupiter (A Unique and Advanced Study of Jupiter in the Series of Planets)

by Dr. L.R. Chawdhri

“The Fascinating Jupiter” is the second book of the series of Planets by your author detailing the traits of Jupiter from all angles. The first in series was, “Saturn a fined or Foe”? Which became the world famous book and am confident that esteemed readers will honour this work the same affection and love as has been granted by them to my previous seven books on Astrology and palmistry?

This book expounding the traits of Jupiter has been written on the persistent demand of readers, who want your author to write separately on all planets. No doubt it is a difficult task to analyse each planet in detail but the wishes of esteemed readers and their love for the sacred Science of Astrology cannot be ignored but to be honoured.

In this book, Jupiter has been analysed from different angles as is clear from contents. It is an universally accepted dictum that Jupiter is a benefic planet but it acts also as malefic to which a few know and this aspect has specially been dealt with supported to ward-off evil effects of Jupiter have been indicated.

Many horoscopes have been illustrated in the book to support the views. In the end. Special chapter on Practical Examples have been added with details and Hints which can be very useful to the readers.

The author is thankful to the readers who have encouraged the author to present this work by patronizing the prior publications.

In recognition of the services and scholarly contributions to the Science of Astrology, your author was awarded Gold medal by Chief Justice of Rajasthan Honb’le K.D. Sharma along with Parman Patra by Dr. B.V. Raman Editor Astrological magazine Bangalore under his signature at All India Astrological conference held on 2nd and 3rd October 1982 at Jodhpur. In all five gold medals and Eleven silver medals were awarded to the eminent astrologers of India.

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