The Exhalted Bhakta-bhagavata


This publication, The Exalted Bhakta-bhāgavata – a condensed version of his remarkable life – is a humble offering to our most beloved spiritual master Śrīla Gour Govinda Swami Mahārāja to commemorate twenty years (1997 – 2017) of publishing his divine words and glories by Tattva Vicāra Publications.

The Deity of Śrī Gopala Jiu is very famous in Orissa. In the small temple that was constructed by his father, Śrī Gopal Giri and his family maintained the worship of the Deity of Lord Jagannatha. It was in answer to Śrī Gopal Giri’s wish to worship Krsna in his village that the Deity of Gopala Jiu came, with a wandering bābāji, from Vrndāvana. Gopala Jiu was installed along with the Deity of Śrīmati Radharani in the original temple in the Gadai-Giri village.

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