The Devotional Art of Kamal Ahmed M


This book is a compilation of artwork of Kamal Ahmed M., which is accompanying the exhibition in the Museum of Sacred Art in Belgium. Inspired by classical Indian scriptures, his work reflects his fascination with spiritual forms, colors, texts, folklore and narratives. This current collection comes in a miniature scale featuring sacred stories from Ramayana, Krishna lila, Avatars, Devas & Devis. His style is certainly unique.

Kamal Ahmed M. was born in 1965 in middle class Muslim family with limited resources. He grew up in rural surroundings in Gadag, Karnataka, India. His artistic talents were discovered early on in his life, even though his parents didn’t approve pursuing this dream. He nevertheless accomplished a master’s degree in Fine Art from Karnataka University in Dharwad. He works as an art-teacher while also continuing with his own practice as an artist.

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