The Ballad of Radheya


A Legend From India. Retold and illustrated by K. R Sharanya

New illustrated book The Ballad of Radheya: A Legend from India by ISKCON author K. R. Sharanya retells in simple, elegant English verse the moving life story of Radheya (Karna), one of the Mahabharata’s most compelling characters.

Recommended for adult readers and advanced child readers of age ten and up.

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Born to the sun god and the earthly princess, Kanti, Radheya’s birthright is to inherit sovereignty over all the kingdoms of the earth. But a quirk of fate sees the new born baby abandoned on the waves of the River Ganges – not to learn of his true identity until hours before his glorious death some four decades later.

Though he is raised in obscurity by humble peasants, Radheya’s natural kingly qualities cannot be covered by the poverty and disadvantage of his circumstances. They shine through like sun’s rays through dark storm clouds, and, against all odds, Radheya makes his mark on the world.

The Ballad of Radheya tells the life story of one of the most poignant figures of the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata.

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