The Ayurveda Alchemist Cookbook


Comprehensive Reference Guide for authentic pure vegetarian/vegan Cooking

Sacred Food and Consciousness | Spice Lexicon

This is one of the best Ayurvedic cookbooks on the current market.  It contains lots of reader-friendly but deep to the point information on ayurveda (world’s oldest holistic approach to health), detailed description of different spices, absolutely amazing photography, and most importantly mouth-watering, easy-to-follow glorious recipes.

Ayurveda acknowledges we have 3 bodies, the physical body (sarira), the subtle mind (mana) and the soul (jiva). When it is time to eat, we think predominantly of feeding the physical body. Ayurvedic cooking is aimed at nourishing all three bodies to promote a long, healthy and balanced life.

In this book, Ayurveda Dietary Consultant and Chef Sandra Hartmann presents 126 carefully selected recipes from traditional & modern Ayurveda cuisine. There are recipes for soups, rice dishes, lentils and legumes, curries and vegetable dishes, flatbreads, snacks, patties, casseroles and stews (pulao), chutneys, salads and raitas, desserts and drinks. Her expert combinations will create excitement for the taste buds, enchantment for the mind and satisfaction for the soul.

Taking care of your health has never tasted so good!


About the Author:

Sandra Hartmann, holistic Ayurveda nutritionist, chef and book author, born in 1973 in Croatia, has 30 years of experience in Ayurvedic cuisine. In the 1990s, she spent 7 years in Vedic monasteries across Europe and India learning bhakti yoga meditation and Ayurvedic cooking. The alchemy of cooking and the healing power of Ayurveda fascinated the talented cook and she dutifully studied under the guidance of Vedic Brahmins (priests).
Sandra is the founder of the first Ayurvedic Cooking School of Vienna where she dedicates her life to share her knowledge and experience by running workshops and training future Ayurvedic chefs. In 2009, Sandra published her first Ayurveda cookbook which has become bestseller in German: “Der Schatz der Ayurveda Küche” (The Treasure of the Ayurveda Cuisine). The Ayurveda Alchemist Cookbook is new, updated version written with love and dedication to increase consciousness of people trough hidden power of sacred food.

I would give it a go, this book is a real excitement!

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