The Awakening of Spontaneous Devotional Service


A new book just arriving from the treasure house of Sivarama Swami’s production team. This time on spontaneous devotional service.


The author himself, Sivarama Swami, write the following description of his new book:

“In writing this book I have tried to shed light on the truths of raganuga-bhakti in a way that would assist devotees – regulated, spontaneous, or the many shades in between – to both pursue their spiritual calling and maintain stability in the movement. If I have made any mistakes or created offences in the process I beg my readers to forgive me.”

The book is produced again in a perfect style, complementing the previous title, with golden imprints on the cover. 

For those interested in posntaneous devotional service, we invite the readers to stude this category in Vaniquotes: Spontaneous service, click on the link below to get there

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