The Acarya the Brahmana and the Shilsi


Compiled by Nimai Pandita Dasa

Sāmudrika-śāstra is a Sanskrit term that translates as ‘the science of bodily features’. The ancient Vedic texts of this scripture describe the science of face reading, auras, and whole-body analysis. Sāmudrika-śāstra states also that there are thirty-two bodily symptoms of a great personality, in Sanskrit a mahā-bhāgavata.

pañca-dirghah pañca-sükşmah sapta-raktah şad-unnatah

tri-hrasva-prthu-gambhiro dvātrimśal-lakşano mahān

“There are thirty-two bodily symptoms of a great personality: five of his bodily parts are large, five fine, seven reddish, six raised, three small, three broad, and three grave.”

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