Tattva 2: Old Words Open New Worlds


The Vedas are the oldest body of spiritual literature known to humankind. There, tucked away in mystical Sanskrit sutras, are profound insights into the self, the universe and the deeper purpose behind existence. Those ‘old words’ are known as tattva – essential truths and principles which underpin universal reality. Tattva stands true in all times, places and circumstances, transcending sectarian belief. Deep comprehension of those truths empowers one to unravel any existential mystery and upgrade themselves on every conceivable level – physically, emotionally, socially and most importantly, spiritually.

Read on, pause for thought, let the simple but powerful philosophy enter your heart, and see if these ‘old words’ open ‘new worlds’ of spiritual opportunity.

This is the latest compilation of articles, reflections and letters written by SB Keshava Swami. His clear and to the point language endears one and all and touches our hearts. For some these are gamechanger experiences. It certainly deserves a space in your library.


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