Tales from the Bhagawat Purana – Janmashtami


Tales from the Bhagawat Purana serie contains 12 children books, fully colored and with beautiful illustrations, bringing the stories to life with precise details. For children and adults alike. The children will rejoice in seeing these stories for learning the history and pastimes of the Lord in His multifarious incarnations through such lucid narrations and the adults simply love to read these beautiful stories for their children.

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Janmashtami – The Story of Krishna’s Birth

Once, a city called Mathura in India, was ruled by a wicked king named Kamsa. Kamsa had a sister called Devaki and she was to marry a good and noble young man named Vasudev. Everyone in Mathura was joyfull. So was Kamsa.The wedding day came and after the lavish wedding, Kamsa was driving his sister and her husband around Mathura in a wonderful chariot. Suddenly, a voice broke out from the heavens and sent a shiver to everyone’s spine. “Beware, evil Kamsa! Devaki’s and Vasudeva’s eighth child will kill you.”Kamsa was frightened.

What did Kamsa do next and how did the story end up?


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