Surrender unto the Living Bhagavata


The information in this publication has been compiled for those aspirants on the path of bhakti who may find themselves a little confused or perplexed regarding the initiation or re-initiation process.

Even those who are not interested in the path of bhakti say it is a virtue to be well informed. For our own benefit, in general we should fully understand every side of any issue, or specifically in this case we must endeavour to correctly understand our Gaudiya siddhanta as presented to us by Srila Prabhupada and his predecessors. It is for this reason that in this book we present for you the other side to the current system of initiation currently being practiced and promoted, commonly known as rtvik.

After reading this booklet, it is then up to you to make your own decision; you make your own choice! As we all know, serious misunderstandings can baffle the aspirant on this divine path of bhakti.

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