Stress Management


Stress is neither a germ nor a bacteria to be treated by antibiotics. It is your outlook to life, a problem of the mind that needs a holistic solution at the level of body, mind, intellect and soul. Read this book for practical tips to tackle the stress problem.

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1. What is Stress?

2. definition of Stress

3. Causes of Stress – Physical, Mental, Environmental, Work related

4. effects of Stress

5. The Mechanism: How is Stress Triggered?

6. Are you Reactor or an Over-Reactor?

7. Threat and Perceived Threat

8. What all Happens when Stress is Generated?

9. Self Awareness

10. Know your Type – Am I Type A or Type B?

11. Ten Immediate and Practical tips for Type A Managers

12. Solutions to the Problem of Stress

13. Eight Practical Tips for Positive Thinking

14. Work and Be Holy,not a Workaholic

15. Tackle Stress at Four Levels

16. Mantra Meditation Technique – The Procedure

17. Seven Golden Rules of Vedas to Reduce Stress

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