Stories of Krishna – Krishna Saves Draupadi’s Honour


The Mahabharata tells us of the feud between the Pandavas and the Kauravas who are cousins. The Kauravas humiliate the Pandavas by disrobing their common wife – Draupadi, in th royal court of their father – Dhritarastra. Draupadi’s only protector is Krishna and she prays to Him with her whle heart, who comes to her rescue.


This serie – Stories of Krishna – has been written in a lucid style that makes it easily accessible to young readers. It describes various incidents in Lord Krishna’s life, from childhood to adulthood. Lavish illustrations enrich the narrative content, bringing the stories to life in a vivid and colorful manner. These stories – twenty in all – are meant to be enjoyed by people of all age groups. Read them and be enchanted by the deeds and feats of the playful, blue-skinned God who inspires awe, affection and reverance among all sages and us mortals alike.

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