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Srila Vyasadeva compiled many Vedic literatures out of compassion for the fallen conditioned souls, just to deliver them from the mire of material existence and reinstate them in their rightful position as eternal servitors of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The Puranas are presented for the masses of people so that from any condition of life they can gradually elevate themselves to the platform of absolute knowledge and live for the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This book is a compilation of fascinating histories that are not commonly heard and which broaden our understanding of great personalities well known to us.

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Among others, you might find the following stories in this book: The origin of Arjuna and Karna, Narada Muni becomes a gopi, The birth of king Kuru and the origin of Kuruksetra, Previous histories of Lord Krishna’s principal queens, The fault of associating with atheists, The birth of Vyasa – the son of Parasara Muni and Satyavati, Story of Sukadeva – the son of Vyasadeva & Jabali’s daughter, Vatika, The origin of Ekadashi,Kalanemi reborn as Kamsa, Arjuna becomes a gopi, Markandeya conquers death, confidential pastimes of Lord Rama, Garuda becomes the carrier of Lord Visnu, Lord Siva cuts off Lord Brahma’s fifth head, Jnana & Vairagya,the sons of Bhakti, Indra cursed to be a woman, Description of Sri Radhika’s birth, Description of Giriraja Govardhana’s birth, Description of the Yamuna’s river……… and many more wonderful stories.

This is a wonderful compilation of stories made by Purnaprajna Prabhu.


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