Srila Prabhupada Smaranam


This book is a new form of visually rich memories and meditations on Srila Prabhupada by Satsvarupa Das Goswami. It contains a spectrum of variegated photographic vapuh photos, reflections, prayerful insights, instructive and historical observations, as well as the endearing free-flowing poetry in prose, modern poetry…. All these centered on the theme of smaranam or remembrances on Srila Prabhupada.


Memories of Prabhupada are nectar. Without them, there would be no substance to Prabhupada consciousness. If there were no memories of Prabhupada, then he would become only a legend. But there is a lot more to Prabhupada consciousness than memories of him. By meditating on the memories and practicing internal, minute-to-minute surrender, we will be Prabhupada conscious. This internal cultivation is very important. Prabhupada’s recall doesn’t mean only remembering what he did in the 1970s, it means recalling our personal need to serve him now.

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