Srila Prabhupada Radio


Srila Prabhupada Complete Audio Archives in a small radio

This is a small radio with all the lectures of Srila Prabhupada released before 2012 (total 2100+). You can listen to the lectures continuously, or select a lecture of your choice from the attached catalog. The lectures are categorized and labeled according to the verse being spoken about. They are also arranged according to the different types of speaking engagements:

  • lectures from the scriptures & classes at the temple or public
  • Morning walks & room conversations
  • Special lectures series on NOD, Brahma Samhita and Isopanishad
  • bhajans & kirtans
  • Hindi lectures

Hearing constantly to Srila Prabhupada enriches our day and keeps us in proper consciousness. Never was there an easier way to hear the words of His Divine Grace.

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Dimensions23 × 14,5 × 6 cm


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