Sri Vilapa-kusumanjali of Raghunatha Das Goswami


A lament in the form of a Handful of flowers:

“O affectionate one, I pray that this Vilapa-kusumanjali (Handful of flowers in the form of a lament), which with much weeping to attain your loving service, and with a heart burning with pain, I take from my chest and place at your lotus feet, may give you a little pleasure.”


Raghunatha dasa Goswmai compiled 3 books named Stava-mala (or Stavavali), Dana-carita and Mukta Carita. He lived a long time, residing for most of his life at Radha-kunda. The place where Raghunatha dasa Gosvami performed his devotional service still exists by Radha-kunda. He almost completely gave up eating, and therefore he was very skinny and of weak health. His only concern was to chant the holy name of the Lord. He gradually reduced his sleeping until he was almost not sleeping at all. It is said that his eyes were always full of tears.

In the Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika (186) it is stated that srila raghunatha dasa gosvami was formerly the gopi named Rasa-manjari. Sometimes it is said that he was Rati-manjari.

When srila raghunatha dasa gosvami was a boy he got the association and blessing of srila Haridasa thakura. He was mad with the desire to join Lord Caitanya in jagannatha puri, but every time he ran away from home his parents would have him captured and brought back. Finally, he was successful. He received the mercy of Lord Caitanya and served for many years as the assistant of Svarupa damodara. He was thus known as the raghu of svarupa.

Later, Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami went to Vrndavana, where he lived at Radha-kunda, performing severe austerities. Indeed, in his later years he subsisted on just a few drops of buttermilk each day.

Translated by Kusakratha Dasa, edited by Purnaprajna Dasa.

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