Sri Tulasi Mahimamrta


The Nectarian Glories of Srimati Tulasi Maharani

Introduction: The internal potency of Krsna, The Form of Sri Tulasi Devi

Appearance of Tulasi Devi: Story of Sankacuda, Story of Tulasi and Jalandhara, Story of Tulasi and Dharmadeva, Appearance of Tulasi from nectar.

Glories of Sri Tulasi: Gopis glorify Tulasi, Glorification by Lord Siva, Glories of Tulasi leaves, The potency of Tulasi leaf, Glories of eating Tulasi leaves, Glories of wood of Tulasi tree, Glories of water mixed with Tulasi leaves, Worship of Lord Visnu with Tulasi leaves, Glories of taking care of Tualsi garden…..

Loving service of Sri Tulasi: How to collect Tulasi leaves, Caitanya mahaprabhu’s devotion to Tulasi, Sri radhika’s vow of serving Tulasi Devi, Haridas Thakur and Tulasi, Mayadevi serves Tulasi, Mrgari serves Tulasi, Serving Tulasi in the month of kartik, Offering water to Tulasi and Saligram, Chanting-beads made from Tulasi wood, Tulasi-Saligram marriage, Conversation between Lord Ganesa and Tualsi, Glories of serving Tualsi plant,

Tulasi arati and prayers: Sri Tulasi kirtan, Tulasi arati, The process of Tulasi worship, Sri Vrndadevi-astaka, Sri Rulasi stotra, Tulasi-astakam, Sri Tulasi stava, 108 names of Tulasi devi.

Tulasi- collection of verses

Introduction to Vrndadevi: Appearance of Vrndadevi, Vrndakun, Sri Vrnda’s marriage to Sri Krsna, Vrndadevi in Kamyavan, Vrndadevi favours narada muni

How to take care of a Tulasi plant

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