Sri Sri Radha Govinda Meditations


This booklet very beautifully captures and portrays the essence of meditation from various reveled scriptures beginning with Radha Govinda’s Lotus Feet – pictorial depiction & meaning of the symbols, followed by a wonderful presentation on Srimati Radhika’s and Syamasunder’s divine forms, guided meditation on the Divine Couple from Rupa Citamani & Yogapitha Dhyana.

This is a compilation of excerpts from the book Art of Chanting Hare Krsna.


Sample Chapter:

Radha-Govinda–A Guided Meditation

The following guided meditation on the transcendental forms of Radha-Govinda comes from Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura’s booklet entitled Rupa-cintamani. One can easily chant japa and fix his mind on the transcendental forms of Radha-Govinda by using this ideal meditation.

“Deep within one’s heart of hearts is the most charmingly beautiful place, Sri Vrndavana-dhama. It is completely surrounded by the sparkling River Yamuna, the daughter of the Kalinda Mountain. The Yamuna encircles three sides of the Yogapitha, and connects with the fourth by a canal. Within that Vrndavana is a charming place where the earth is made of shimmering gold, and it is surrounded by vast expanses of intricately landscaped forest groves and bower houses. In the center of all these grove clusters is a marvelous temple formed of rare and precious living gemstones. Within that temple is the Maha Yogapitha (great meeting place).

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