Sri Sri Harinama Kalpataru: First Gem


Aindra Prabhu gave a 3 day seminar in Vrindavana during Kartik in 2001. This book contains the transcriptions of that seminar filled with nectar.

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From Preface:

SripadKosh Publications is a team formed to publish the spoken material mercifully left to this world by His Grace Aindra Prabhu. A kosh is a treasure or treasury, and Aindra Prabhu was sometimes called by the revered title Śrīpad, though he would screw up his nose whenever he heard it.

Aindra Prabhu’s kirtans, writings, lectures, and conversations are rich with profound realizations and a contagious enthusiasm that has touched the hearts of devotees all around the world, and which continue to serve as a source of great inspiration. His presence is badly missed, and his departure left an empty space amidst us that nothing, no one, can fill. Via spiritual sound vibration, however we are able to reconnect with Aindra Prabhu at any time and avail ourselves of his heart-stirring inspirations and instructions.

In the last Puruṣhottama Māsa we observed in the association of Aindra Prabhu, he mentioned that after the publishing of The Heart of Transcendental Book Distribution, another book will come out in due course. It was understood that he was alluding to transcriptions of his spoken offerings. Herewith, we are releasing the first volume of that material: A seminar Aindra Prabhu gave on three consecutive days of Kārtika 2001. We pray to the feet of the Vaishnavas that we may continue this effort of publishing Aindra Prabhu`s spoken words for the pleasure of the devotees and Śrī Śrī Guru and Gaurānga.

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